Tuesday, December 02, 2003

from Prague

Well, I'm writing to you from a totally different place right now. And I'm not talking about an internet cafe instead of the school computer lab. I'm talking about the Czech Republic instead of Spain! Wow... it's a crazy world. That's one of those places that you only read about in history books because it's changed names about 80 times in the course of my life (not really true, but it sure feels that way) and, of course, isn't a real place. I'm here to say that it sure is, and quite a nice one at that. At least from what we've seen of Prague. Let me pick up quickly with where I left off almost 2 weeks ago.

Our theater play went great, my family arrived safely in Madrid and I spent a great 28 hours with them before they left the city to tour the rest of the country. My parents even got to meet most of my friends from the church. Monday morning the 24th, I left with the Furman group to tour Andalucia for a week. We had a great time. We saw Cordoba, Sevilla, Ronda, Granada, and Malaga. We had some stinky tour guides and some good ones. I got to hang out with a friend from the States who is studying in Sevilla, put my feet in the Mediterranean Ocean in Malaga, and see my family for an unexpected 20 mins in Ronda on Thanksgiving.

I arrived back in Madrid on the last day of November in time to attend church and say hi to everyone, met up with my Mom and had a great time of fellowship at the Campbell's house, and we left Monday morning Dec. 1 to fly to Prague. Our flight was interesting as we had a delay and missed our connection in Lyons, giving us an added leg through Paris and putting us in Prague a few (4) hours late. Thankfully, we had no difficulty in finding an ATM or in renting a shuttle to the hostel where my friends are staying (EVERYONE here speaks English), and we ran into the friends in the main square within an hour or so of our arrival. The hostel is a little sketch, but the beds are comfy enough and it's not terrible expensive. Today was cold and a little windy, but we saw most of the city (including the Castle) and had a great time. Tomorrow morning we'll see the Jewish Quarter before heading to Vienna on a 3PM train.

Who knows when I'll next get a chance to write, but it will be from a different country, that's for sure!

Please pray for traveling safety and continued good health and attitudes.

Hope you are doing well and I still love getting emails :)

Soli Deo Gloria...