Sunday, November 12, 2006


so... i was just moseying (word?) about the internet this morning, procrastinating the inevitable paper-writing (not that i really have time to procrastinate any more, but for real... who wants to work on a paper within minutes of waking up? and since i had no emails to give me a "warm-up," random surfing will have to do), when what do i come across, but a club that i had never heard of. it's called World RPS and has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada (although previously they were in London). actually, when the group reached 10,000 members in 1925, they also changed the name from "club" to the World RPS Society, because it sounded more mature. haha...

so, to what does this "society" dedicate itself, you might be asking, and it would be a good question. the answer? Rock, Paper, Scissors. and yes, i mean the game that we've been playing since we were 5. nothing fancy about it. all i can say, is that it takes all kinds to make the world go round...

if you don't believe me (or even if you do), check it out at

that's enough surfing for me... i'm gonna go get ready.

Soli Deo Gloria...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

in the midst of the mire

hey guys! life has been crazy and i know i haven't written much lately, so i figured i'd take a few minutes before heading off to class to update you on what's been going on lately.


ok, that's all i really need to say.

what? that's not exciting enough? tell me about it! i'm the one who's been living it!

alright, fine. my grandparents came to visit one Sunday afternoon about 2 weeks ago. it's not normal for g'rents who live in New Jersey to come visit their g'kids in North Carolina just for the afternoon, but they did. it was fun to see them.

i also had Homecoming at Furman. have i told y'all about that yet? it was so much fun to catch up with people again, even though i stilled missed seeing quite a few. Homecoming is one of those times where you just have to make sure that your expectations are reasonable and you'll have a great time. since time on the FU Mall is invitably made up of interrupting someone's "catch-up" time with someone else so that you can hear their update, only to be promptly interrupted yourself by someone who either wants to talk to you or your conversation partner. thus, one rarely finishes a sentence, let alone a complete thought process. but, like i said, as long as you realize that going in... you're bound to have a blast.

since then, i've pretty much made myself crack down on work. as you fellow students can relate (and even you recently graduated folk), the end of the semester tends to be rather miserable. everything is due at the same time, and it's all stuff that either you were procrastinating or couldn't actually do until the last few days/weeks. this is made even more exciting when you are teaching (meaning you have to try to cram the last chapter into 2 days, write exams/compositions and then grade them) as well as studying (involving term papers, lots of reading). thankfully (the Lord is good, so thanks for your prayers and keep them up!), i have been able to nearly finish 1 of my 3 term papers. i'm still relying on Him to pull me through the last 2, but at least i've got one class that i'm fairly guaranteed not to fail!

part of the pressure, of course, is brought on by the fact that my beloved Isaac is coming to visit me in precisely 1 week :) i'm thrilled! maybe it's just the excitement that's somehow getting me through paper-writing madness. who knows. his time here will be short (just under 2 weeks, and lots of travelling), but we're gonna live it up.

ok, it's time for class. a bit of business translation craziness... let's see if we get our last exam back?!?!

Soli Deo Gloria...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

movie "review"

i am most certainly not going to consider myself a movie critic, not even by a long stretch of the imagination. however, i went to see a movie last night with my family, thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend it to everyone i know (in fact, that's precisely what i'm doing). it's called "Facing the Giants" and is a wonderful portrayal of the Gospel. it's "about" football, but focuses on faith and glorifying God, something that we don't see much of (or at all) in movie theaters these days -- quite the breath of fresh air. besides, it happened to fit right in with what i'm studying in my small group... faith, remember? i'm too tired from paper writing right now or i'd probably begin to wax theological on you.

here's the link for the movie: it's still showing in some theaters, so please go see it. it's worth the $6, $7 or even $8 it'll cost you, and above all, it will make a statement that this is the kind of movie we want to see.

Soli Deo Gloria...