Tuesday, October 12, 2004

senior year has started

Umm... yeah. So I haven't written in forever. I'm seeing a pattern here. Been hanging out with some people who blog like their life depends on it, so I thought I'd post again, just for fun.
It is senior year, and it has started. All is going well. I've got a golf class T-F from 9-9:50, so I take some good wacks at little white balls quite a bit these days. I've got a wicked slice that doesn't want to go away, and I think God's trying to give me a lesson about patience.
My roommates are great (not that I expected otherwise, but they are). I've also been hanging out more with some RUF folks... they're cool.
Also getting plugged in more at Redeemer. Great place to be. God is teaching me some amazing things, and I'm enjoying the fellowship with people who I wouldn't otherwise see floating around campus (students and non-students alike). Almost makes me want to stay in Gville after graduation, but we shall see what God has in store.
Alright, I'm off to a spanish movie CLP. Perhaps I'll write more later.
Soli Deo Gloria...