Wednesday, November 19, 2003

sick as a dog

The good news is that very few people actually read this on a regular basis. I say that because if you DID read this on a regular basis, you'd probably think I was dead since I haven't written in over 2 weeks.

The problem is, I hardly remember a lot of what has happened in the last 2 weeks. I saw the new Matrix, twice, in spanish. I liked it a lot better than the second one, and it was easier to understand in spanish that I had thought.

We had a trip to Toledo on Saturday, Nov. 8. When we got home, a few of us headed to the Bible study, but we missed the bus stop and had to walk through a random field and climb a fence (aka trespass) to get there, late and dirty. Good times :)

Last Wednesday I left school about ready to fall over, but it wasn't until I got home that it occured to me I might have a fever. I slept for 20 out of the next 21 hours, and thus begins a long struggle with something that I don't like nor understand. I skipped classes Thursday and Friday, and the trip to Alcala de Henares on Saturday -- and if you've ever even MET me, you know how unusual that is.

Yesterday and today I've had 2 exams and a paper to do... I don't know how well any of them turned out because I was too sick to study for anything. Oh well...

Besides, this morning the assistant pastor at my church here, who also happens to be a really good friend of ours, left this morning to spend 2 weeks preaching in Ireland. I'll see him one more time just before I come home in mid-Dec, but the other girls leave for the States before he gets back, so it was a very sad time for them. We did get to see him off at the airport, and hang out with him the night before he left, but that could have affected the grades a bit too. It's ok... I've got my priorities straight.

Anyways, all I've got left now is the fun stuff -- flamenco show tonight, theater presentation and goodbye dinner tomorrow, family comes on Friday, touring southern Spain with my Furman friends, and then traveling through Europe with my Mom. Don't be surprised, therefore, if you don't read anything new here until mid-Dec. when I get back to home sweet home.

Have a great month, and I look forward to talking to or seeing you when I get back :)

Soli Deo Gloria...

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