Thursday, January 15, 2004

first week in Chile

¡Madre mía! Hace tanto tiempo q no he escrito aquí... lo siento.

Now, after apologizing in my current tongue of choice, I'll revert back to what most of you understand better :)

I did arrive safely in Santiago, Chile, spent 2 days in a hotel for orientacion, and then we spent about 4 days in Pucón (south of Santiago) just kindof chilling. Only it was hot. We went to the beach, I biked some 40kms with a few friends, went rafting, etc. It's a cute little town that reminds me of a ski town in Colorado. And the scenery is amazing!

We started classes on Monday... the literature class I think will be superhard, but the language class should be helpful, yet easy enough. We've had lots to do in the afternoons, in addition to lots of reading, so most of us feel very swamped, but the profs assure us that the excess activities will end soon.

I like my family, although it's been a little loco lately. Being as it's summer here, they've been rotating in and out on vacation. However, last night everyone arrived home, and we might actually have a "family dinner" tonight. I have a mamá, a papá, a 16 year old brother, and 2 sisters of 13 and 5 years.

The weather here is great. Very hot. Something absurd like 80-90 degress every day. Hot. After getting a little red in Pucón, I've been putting SPF 30 on my face just about every morning to prevent skin cancer. Let's hope it works. However, there is usually a nice breeze, and it's not as humid as in NC, so the heat is not as oppressive.

I tried to put pics up, but the comp lab here is not as good as the one in Spain and it doesn't have what I need. And the computer in my house is totally screwed up and won't do anything. My friend says I may be able to go to her house and try there, so I'll get some up if/when I can and let you know.

Also, by sending a short email to you can brighten my day because I'll get it like a text message! However, responding to you is not quite as easy, so don't be insulted if I don't.

That's enough for now... you're probably bored. Love to you all, and thanks to those who have emailed me!

Soli Deo Gloria...

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