Monday, November 07, 2005

news - both good and bad!

Good morning! While most of you are still sleeping (primarily due to the 6-hour time change, which makes it 3:25am there!), I'm gonna fill you in on a bit of the latest news. Make sure you wake up before reading this though, or you'll lose some key stuff.

I'll start with the bad news. Last night, while we were in the evening service at church, someone came in and stole my camera and Miriam's camera from the back room. A little frustrating, considering that I just bought it with graduation money this summer, and it was a sweet camera. And moreso, because now it will be very hard to get pictures to post for you guys. Ugh. We're gonna see if the churches insurance will cover it, but it's doubtful.

Now the good news. This might be old news for those of you who are more observant and know how to read between my lines, but I've been informed that I need to be more straightforward, so here it is -- Isaac and I are dating, and have been for a little over a month. Things are going well and we're enjoying life, although we only get to see each other on weekends due to our work schedules (and that fact that I live "where the wind turns around", to quote a Spanish refrain). He officially has a ticket to come home with me for Christmas on Dec. 23, so those of you who are around can plan to stop by on New Year's Eve to meet him :)

As for more regular happenings... Pablo (Isaac & Miriam's brother), his wife Sara and daughter Marta were in town this weekend from Sevilla. We got to play magical beds here at the house, but it was good to see them again and meet Marta for the first time (she was born in March after I left 2 years ago). She is precious, but I think my blond hair wigs her out a bit... not quite comfortable with me yet! I'd show you pictures but...

Things at work and "home" (i.e. "the other work") are fine, although there's been another delay and it's looking like it'll be another good week or two or more before we move. So much for the hope I had last weekend. This past week was super short, since we had Mon & Tues off, and this week we have Wed off. Yeah for random holidays!

Ok... I just had breakfast and chatted with Sara, and now I'm gonna be late for work.

Soli Deo Gloria...

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