Monday, March 27, 2006

post-Sevilla snot

I was gently reminded by a faithful friend that I forgot to post last week. For anyone who happened to be worried... relax! I'm fine :) It just so happens that Isaac and I spent last weekend in Sevilla with his brother's family and we didn't arrive back to Madrid until very late Monday night (otherwise known as Tuesday morning). I usually write from his house and I didn't have time on Tuesday morning before heading off to work.

We had a good time in Sevilla, although it rained most of the weekend and Isaac's adorably niece had a sore throat and was fairly fussy all weekend. Oh well, at least we got to breathe air that wasn't from Madrid, get to know his family better, and get to experience long-distance bus travel. Of those 3 things, the only one I'm NOT interested in doing again is the part about the bus travel. We left at 4pm on Monday. The "6-hour" bus trip didn't get us home until 1am on Tuesday morning due to incredible traffic on the highway. At least I wasn't alone...

Last week went fast, since it was short. And then I didn't even have to work at the house on Friday afternoon because the family left town to celebrate their grandfather's 90th birthday. A bunch of us went to Hard Rock on Friday night to celebrate Kelley, Joy and Virginia's birthdays. We had fun, but remind me not to go there again... the music is too loud :)

Saturday was relaxing... around the house cleaning and such. Saturday evening, we got to see our friend Liz for a few short hours after Bible study. I wasn't feeling so hot, but seeing her at least distracted me. Sunday evening I started feeling pooey again and had a low-grade fever. This morning I woke up with no fever, but a super-congested nose. I went to work, and really have felt fine all day... except for that raw-nose feeling you get after blowing it so much.

Isaac keeps telling me I should go to the doctor, but I really dread the idea. I haven't been to the doctor for anything other than a regular check-up in years, and this one won't even speak my language! The irrational fear that most people have of dentists, I think I have of doctors. Although I prefer the term "reluctance" -- it's just not practical to go. I mean, I have to get time off work and everything. Skipping class was so much easier... you didn't have to ask for favors from anyone but yourself. So anyway, he's practically threatened me to go tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.

Soli Deo Gloria...

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