Monday, February 01, 2010

EFTP/F Challenge Update - week 4

Theoretically, this is the last week of the Eat From the Pantry Challenge.  That being said, I'm still working through my lists!  I don't know if that means I've done "too much" grocery shopping this past month, "too much" stockpiling for the last 9 months, or "not enough" eating this month.  I'm not going to worry about it, though.  I'm just glad that I haven't had to throw anything away (although, I was going to take some salad dressings and condiments to church yesterday morning to offer to anyone who wanted them, as I've got way too many and they are nearing their "best by" dates - but church was canceled due to snow/ice).  So, I'm going to chug along, eating mostly from the pantry and trying to add as little as possible for at least another few weeks.
This week was a typical wacky week for us,  but we did make it through a few items on the meal list and cleared a few things out of the pantry/fridge/freezer.
Monday:  I had a Pampered Chef party, so Isaac ate a can of soup and some bread while I ate Santa Fe Meatloaf or something snazzy like that, that I didn't have to prepare!
Tuesday:  Isaac was studying and I went to Bible Study, and since I got home from the grocery store only 30 mins before I had to leave, he ate a bowl of cereal and I had some yogurt with granola (finished up a box!)
Wednesday:  After going to EarthFare, I made Hot Dog Noodle Casserole.  Felt dirty while eating it, since hot dogs are full of high fructose corn syrup, but it was pretty yummy (not to mention it serves the purpose of getting my hubby to eat broccoli!)
Thursday:  I was more than happy to let Isaac eat leftover Hot Dog Noodle Casserole while I was at my new Zumba class.  Since I only had a few minutes before running back out the door to pick my mom up from the airport, I made a smoothie to drink on the way.  SlimFast Chocolate shake + 1 banana + handful frozen blueberries and strawberries / blender = yumminess!
Friday:  Used a package of Mahatma Yellow Rice (it's been free at the grocery store several times this year, so I've got a bunch) to make Golden Rice Casserole with a few tweaks.  I added a grilled chicken breast, used a leftover 1/2 can of corn that was in the fridge, and some "fresh" green/red/orange bell peppers that I froze a while back.  The saffron in this makes it a hit at our house.
Saturday:  For what is now the 3rd week in a row, I made Fiber One pancakes and scrambled eggs.  Of course, we went all out for the "dessert" pancake... mine included chocolate syrup, strawberry flavored high fructose corn syrup  jelly, and whipped cream!  As opposed to our normal cereal, the pancakes break up the monotony of an otherwise boring day at home, cleaning and studying.  I'm so ready for Isaac's test to be over next weekend so we can plan a few social events!
In the afternoon I made Lentejas a la española!  I'm so excited about this!  I bought the stuff a while back (and hid it from my hubby), but hadn't found the right opportunity to make it until now.  The snow/ice outside made soup a good plan, and the stuck-in-the-house-studying gave me the time.  It was way yummy, and the surprise factor was way fun :)  He posted a good pic here
Sunday:  Snow day from church (strange!), but since we had dinner plans with my parents, I spent some time in the afternoon preparing some Heavenly Potatoes and Ham.  I used Russet potatoes instead of Red b/c I had a bag of them that I needed to use.  I put it in an 8x8 and an 8x6 casserole (instead of a 9x13), and will probably freeze one after eating the first tonight with some veggies.

Soli Deo Gloria

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