Friday, January 06, 2012

HT Super-Dups - 1/6

Today is "el Día de los Reyes" in Spain (or Three Kings' Day, or Epiphany).  Our family across the pond has the day off and spent the day enjoying each other's company and opening gifts.  We saved a few little gifts from Christmas to open today, but we haven't gotten around to it yet.  My treat to myself, though, was to get back on the coupon wagon and hit up Harris Teeter's super doubles sales.  It feels good!  Here's what I came home with:
In list form (with the final price after coupon/sale):

  • 1 bottle Soft Scrub - $1.99
  • 1 4oz can HT green chiles - 77¢
  • 2 bags Snyders tortilla chips - $2
  • 1 box Banana Nut Cheerios - $2.12
  • 6 Clif bars - $4.10
  • 1 8oz box Annie Chun brown rice noodles - $3.49 *no sale/QP for this one :(
  • 4 boxes Honey Bunches of Oats cereal - 94¢
  • 2 jugs HT premium orange juice - $4.54
  • 10 Yoplait yogurts - $5
  • 2 Chobani yogurts - 80¢
  • 2 1/2 gals Smart Balance milk - $1.50
  • 2 HT soda 2 ltrs - $1.74
  • tax - $1.10
TOTAL: $30.09
TOTAL SAVED: $38.90 = 56%

Definitely worth the trip.  Now if I can keep the momentum going, but without buying so many deals that I blow the budget :)

Feeding my family on the cheap... Soli Deo Gloria.


Nate and Molly said...

I've missed your posts! :)
I got back into couponing when the boys turned around 4 months, but man, my grocery shopping these days is just depressing! I have to buy so much more food with my nursing appetite. Our grocery bill is up at least $100 a month. I can hardly stand to look at the receipt anymore!

Justine said...

Just wait 'til you're buying for 2 teenage boys (or more!) :) I've been using coupons for a few months already, but not quite as actively or organized as I used to, so I've definitely blown the budget for the last few months, too. I never really noticed a big difference in my appetite due to nursing (I've always been a big eater!), and then my supply cut back when I went back to work, so now I've got to supplement with formula :( Yeah for free formula samples... haven't had to buy any yet, in 1.5 months! That would be a serious budgeting challenge!