Wednesday, September 24, 2003

el Fantasma

Hey hey! How's life in the States? Enjoy it for me, alright?
I'm gonna keep this week's entry a little shorter, for sake of your time and mine, since I realize that last week's was rather long.
Last Wednesday afternoon, my friends Miriam and Jessica (who live here in Madrid) showed myself and some other Furman friends where the Christian bookstore is here. As Madrid (and Spain as a whole) is such a Catholic/secular place, it's encouraging to know that they have one, yet discouraging to see the limited resources that are available in Spanish. And especially stuff like fiction literature... very, very little.
After that, 5 of us Furman girls went to see "El Fantasma de la Opera"... yes, that is Phantom in Spanish. It was a blast! Thanks to Ms. Williams in 10th grade who made me read the book so I knew what was going on, but it was very well done.
Last Saturday we went to see the Escorial (a big, old palace) and Valle de los Caidos (a tomb/cathedral built into the side of the mountain that houses the remains of Francisco Franco, the dictator who died in 1975, and those of people who died in the Spanish Civil War).
On Sunday, I returned to Miriam's church, Iglesia Cristiana Presbyteriana, and spent all day there. Service and communion from 12-1:30, lunch and fellowship and some praise singing from 1:30-4:30, a meeting about evangelism and a time of prayer from 4:30-6, another service from 6-7:30, and then fellowship, dinner, and laughter with the "jovenes" until 11:30. What a blast!
Yesterday we went to see the Royal Palace (Palacio Real) here in Madrid. It reminds me a little of our White House, only bigger, older, a bit more ornate, and with no one currently living in it.
That's all for today, so have a great week!
Soli Deo Gloria...

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