Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Hey guys! Muchas gracias to those who have sent me emails to update me on what´s up in your lives. I´ve read it, even if I haven´t responded... I really only get about an hour a week for internet, so I´m limited.
This past weekend we went to Barcelona as a Furman group... it was a lot of fun. Way too much time on an uncomfortable charter bus, but we had a good tour guide, saw lots of cool places (Gaudi´s Parque Guell, Montserrat, a Dali Museum, la Sagrada Familia, Empuries, Olympic Stadium, and others) and had a good time getting to know the other Furman students better since we lived in a hotel together. It´s back to daily life now, with my Señora and classes, but the normalcy is nice too. I bought her some pure honey from Monserrat and gave it to her this morning, and she loved it! She said that I am a chica guay, which is the Spanish way of saying I´m a cool girl :)
Gotta end for now. Check out my DotPhoto albums because I´ve added a new one for Spain and am slowly adding pictures to it, starting at the beginning of the trip. Until next week...
Soli Deo Gloria...

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