Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Greetings from España, yet again :)
As we are leaving for Galicia at the crack of dawn tomorrow (Wed), I'm gonna go ahead and post now so you're not left hanging or think I died... ;)
Also want to let you know that I have put up lots more pictures, and am, for the first time since arriving, caught up to current time. Enjoy them!
Let's see... last Wed. we went to a play for our theater class -"El burlador de Sevilla" by Tirso de Molina. Personally, I didn't like it at all. It was hard to follow, what I did follow was dumb, and the props weren't very great (although I must say the costumes were decent). We had a nice dinner as a group afterwards, and returned home late and tired.
The rest of the week and weekend I spent a lot of time with Kelly, Liz, and the young people (jovenes) of the church I've been attending. They are a delightful group, ages 16-26, and are very patient with our struggling spanish. Thursday was a Bible study and dinner with Pastor Hanna at the home of Miriam, my summer penpal. We had a time of prayer afterwards that was very sweet, and left us 3 americans crying because of the christian fellowship that is so lacking around us in this society. Friday night we went bowling, Saturday we went to the bilingual Bible study at the home of the american missionaries here, the Campbells (their daughter Jessica was my other penpal this summer), and Sunday was spent at church again all day.
Come Monday morning, I was left sad because I likely won't see any of my new friends again for a week and a half because of our trip to Galicia this weekend. Despite that, I had to go to classes and take my "midterm" in grammar. Apparently I didn't fail, because when I woke up this morning to the first day of rain we've had here (all my clean clothes were on the line outside, I'll have you know!) and showed up at school for Theater class, my new class schedule for the rest of my time here shows that I will proceed on to the next grammar class. Woohoo! (perhaps I should explain this... university classes in Spain don't begin until October, so we took a 1 month "intensive" grammar class, and now we proceed into the normal schedule. our other 2 classes, while the times change, will remain the same because they are just Furman students and have never meet more than twice a week.)
Wow... this got long, fast. Sorry. Please pray for a great trip to Galicia and that we would continue to speak in spanish alot, even though we'll be with just our group of americans and the temptation will be strong. And you can pray that it doesn't rain the WHOLE time we're there, as is forecasted.
Hope you're doing just wonderfully, and I look forward to hearing from you!
Soli Deo Gloria...

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