Tuesday, October 07, 2003


Hey there folks!
With my new schedule for October, more than likely my postings will be on Tuesdays now, instead of Wed... for what it's worth.
This past weekend we spent in Galicia... the NorthWest of Spain. It is sooo open and green compared to Madrid. Very beautiful. Yet again, we spent a whole lot of time in buses with tour guides, so I returned very well rested from all the sleep I got ;), but when I was awake, I really enjoyed my time there. We saw Santiago de Compostela which has importance in the Catholic church because of Saint James, for whom it's named, and there's a long pilgrimage that you can make from France that is supposed to give some forgiveness benefit or something if you do it by foot.
We also saw La Coruña, a city a little farther north. Our hotel overlooked the Atlantic ocean, which was gorgeous. I haven't been able to get up all my pics yet, but I've started and hope to get most of them up by the end of the week, so keep checking back.
We returned just in time for 3 of us to hop a taxi and get to church... it was great to hear the Word preached and be in the fellowship of our Spaniard brothers and sisters.
Classes started back yesterday, and I'm very excited because I have the same grammar prof that I had for September, and she's great! I also made it to the gym last night and had a great workout.
As we head into this week, my specific prayer request would be for my witness to several Spaniards that I see fairly consistently... Lazaro, Katy and Kini at the gym; Maria Jose, Amparo and Marisa, my profs at school; and Conchita, Carolina, and Gabriela, the family I live with.
Thanks for all the emails... it's great to get updates on your lives, and it's encouraging to be reminded that you're praying for me. Much love from Spain!
Soli Deo Gloria...

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