Sunday, January 10, 2010

EFTP/F Challenge Update - week 1

This hasn't been quite as bad/hard as I thought!  Actually, I was doing really well and made it through the week without going to the store... until yesterday.  There were some killer deals (free guacamole, yogurt, cleaner, almost-free cheese) that I just couldn't pass up.  Not to mention the pizza deal... which wasn't that great, but since I had purchased 17 pizzas (on sale, of course) earlier toward the $15 rebate, and then someone had eaten one and thrown away the UPC, I just HAD to B2G1 free to finish it up.  Argh.  Looking back, I probably should've just bought 1 @ $5 and been done with it, but $5 for a frozen pizza just sounds like a lot, even as part of a rebate.  $3.33 sounds so much better.
Anyway, I'm still trying to participate in the challenge... and while my grocery budget was "restocked" on Friday (pay day!), I technically didn't touch a penny of it as I had leftover $$ from the previous 2 weeks.  And since one of the suggestions with the challenge was to do something "useful" with the leftover grocery money (donate/pay down debt), my hubs and I agreed to spend part of it to put towards a space heater for an underemployed family at our church that we knew needed one.  And with the coupon for 15 ECBs that I got from doing a CVS online survey a few weeks back, it worked perfectly.
So, what DID we eat this week out of our stockpile-abundance?
  • Barley & Lentil soup (with Split Peas instead of Lentils)
  • Mexican Chicken Skillet with FlatOut wraps from the freezer instead of tortillas (I just discovered this recipe, but I think I'll call it Homemade Q'doba Burrito)
  • 1/2 Costco Pepperoni Pizza (since it was fresh, it had to be eaten)
  • Cranberry Oatmeal cookies (taken to a party Friday night, so that's not ALL we ate!)
  • Frozen pizza (after buying 3 at the store, they didn't all fit so we had to eat one right away - plus, we usually eat pizza one weekend night anyway)
  • Leftovers of #s 1 & 2 above
There's still a wee bit of leftover soup that one of us will probably take for lunch this week, and we'll be eating some Homemade Naked Burritos one night this week since we're out of FlatOuts/Tortillas but still have the rice/chicken part.
I've currently got a list of about 8 recipes that I know off-hand I can make without heading to the store again, though I'll probably swing by one more time in the next 2 days to grab some more free yogurt, bread (that I forgot yesterday), and $0.50 bag(s) of tortilla chips (with a coupon from today) since we're out and they'd go well with the leftover "naked burritos".
Hope your challenge is going as well (or better) than mine!

Soli Deo Gloria

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